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Airline Approved Batteries

Travel Buggy portable power chair is approved for air travel by the TCCA (CA), FAA (US) and various other aviation authorities. Don’t be fooled by
other folding electric wheelchairs that claim their chairs are airline approved. Other competitor models require additional travel specific batteries or airline approvals prior to boarding.

Travel Buggy Doesn’t Require Any Additional Travel Batteries Or Approvals Like Other “Travel Chairs”


Our Portable Wheelchairs
Were Designed For Travel

Our uniquely designed batteries are rated below the tolerance thresholds that airlines require. Batteries are simply removed prior to boarding and carried on to the plane.

No other electric wheelchairs have the same batteries as Travel Buggy, don't be fooled by other products that require additional airline friendly batteries at extra costs.

Travel Buggy Exceptional Travel Range

For Your Convenience, We’ve Provided Details

Of The Policies For Both Air Canada And WestJet

Air Canada

Battery Powered Mobility Aids

Travel Buggy Designed for Air Travel on WestJet

West Jet

Wheelchairs, Scooters and Mobility Aids


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