Our Story

Travel Buggy is deeply committed to increasing the enjoyment of our customers’ lives.

Travel Buggy is a Canadian owned and operated corporation that was started for our family. As a loved one continued to age and difficulty with mobility became a natural progression, we recognized that there were no convenient to use powered mobility aids available for them.

For all the mobility scooters and power wheelchairs out there, none were truly portable. Instead, they were all big, heavy, and cumbersome! As a result, we found that it would take a drastic change to their lifestyle and ours to accommodate a large electric wheelchair or mobility scooter.

The concept was simple, let's create a powered mobility aid that can fold like a stroller, is light enough to lift, and can fit in the back of any vehicle. This would allow us to pick up our loved one for a coffee date then head out for a walk without the hassle of trying to figure out how to transport their mobility aid.

Our journey to provide a Travel Buggy for our loved one has not just improved their life, but the enjoyment of thousands of other customers' lives too along the way. We are so grateful to help others get back to living their best lives.

Convenient to Use.
Quick to Fold.
Easy to Transport.

Why Choose Us?

Friendly & Helpful Personal Service

At Travel Buggy you aren’t just an invoice number. We don’t believe in “customer” service, because you aren’t only a customer to us. It’s more personal. At Travel Buggy we want to learn your name and story, and in return we want to tell you ours.

We strongly believe that our relationships after the sale are what separate us from the rest - something we prefer to call personal service.