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Depending on your insurance plan you could be covered up to 100%! We work with ALL major insurance providers and specialty insurers including:

Most Employee (Group) and Individual (Personal) Health Insurance Plans provide coverage for durable medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs. Durable medical equipment coverage is usually part of the extended health benefits coverage, which also covers things like prescription drugs, vision care, hospital services and more.

While insurance coverage for durable medical equipment varies, a TYPICAL plan offers 80% to 100% coverage for durable medical equipment up to a maximum of roughly $5,000 to $10,000 per year. Plans will vary.

How Does the Claims Process Work?

Contact Your Insurer

Contact your insurer directly to find out your coverage and if you qualify

Request a Quote

Contact Travel Buggy to request a quote for your insurer

Obtain Approval

Insurer will provide approval to purchase your Travel Buggy

We Offer Direct Billing to Insurance

Travel Buggy offers direct billing services with many of the major insurers. This means there is no initial cost to purchase the chair and wait for reimbursement. Our Travel Buggy experts work with your insurer to streamline the payment process. Please ask your insurer if they accept direct billing.