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Veteran Approved!

Veteran Approved!
I will be 85 in January 2020. I served in Korea when I was 16 and was wounded in both my legs. As I get older the pain in my legs increase to the point that I cannot stand or walk for long. Sometimes my legs quit with no warning. I live in a seniors home and would see some of the residents in electric wheelchairs but didn't like the look of them. I knew they would not meet my needs. My wife decided to research electric wheelchairs and came across the Travel Buggy with the help of a friend. As soon as she read me the stats on the Travel Buggy I knew it was perfect for me. Made for Canadian winters, with 12" rear wheels and power to burn. What I love is that is folds to a free standing position and fits perfectly into my vehicle. It lets me have the freedom and dignity that I haven't had for years. I was able to attend a Remembrance Day Assembly at a school where I didn't have to try and walk the halls. There is no way I can express how wonderful it feels to be able to go where and when I want. My wife and I look forward to the spring when we can take it to the MD and follow the trails as we have wanted to. We can go for walks again and enjoy being outdoors. I would recommend the Travel Buggy to anyone and have many times. Thank you, Travel Buggy, for giving me my life back. I now smile and look forward to my day. It is a buck well spent.
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